Cut, paste, write!

Salem Times Register intern Stephanie Floyd just posted on Facebook some of the photos she took at WordSparks on Tuesday. With her permission, I am posting them here. For our collage project, we made word/image collages with a center word and four corner words. After creating sentences that connected the central word with the corner words, we used those sentences as the springboard for a story. When we didn’t know where to go in our stories, we let the pictures guide us to our next idea.

All photos below are the property of Stephanie Floyd / Salem Times Register. Here we are working on our collages, reading our stories, and playing some games.

995929_341950132602490_738011201_n  1003846_341950135935823_1450615025_n 1012054_341950232602480_213145789_n 1069826_341950279269142_1496498079_n 1075792_341950162602487_1003803345_n 995444_341950372602466_563431669_n969553_341949169269253_1927503094_n 970430_341950445935792_1424605485_n 1001387_341949622602541_1241097792_n  16538_341949492602554_1059008853_n602670_341948212602682_875047313_n1070116_341948759269294_664801733_n1002159_341948585935978_566161566_n534786_341949025935934_298455227_n


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