Magnetic Poetry / WordSparks

I just finished up leading WordSparks Creative Writing Camp, so this week I’ll be sharing some pics and tid-bits from the camp. It was a great experience; I  made some new friends and had a blast sharing writing with young people in my community. Who could ask for more?!

Monday: I didn’t take many photos on Monday since we were all just getting to know one another–and nothing quite says “eek!” like having a camera put in your face by an unfamiliar adult. That said, we got to know each other pretty quickly. We played some games, made some art, read some poetry together and wrote some of our own.


Isabelle leads the morning group in an ice-breaker game


From Monday’s “Six Ways of Seeing” exercise. A camper brought her finished work (six visions of an old-time radio) back the next day. Later we read Wallace Steven’s “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” and wrote our own “Seeing Again” stories and poems.

Tuesday: We had fun with collage, blackout poem, and magnetic poetry. Here are some of the magnetic poems we came up with. (I haven’t credited these, as some were written in groups and some by individuals, and I didn’t want to leave anyone out by accident. I’m halfway sure, though, that the first two come from Caleb, the third is by Harrison and Howard,  and the last one from Laura.)

I love the enthusiasm of these two. Managers everywhere would do well to keep these in mind:


IMG_4283 (2)

Love the surprise at the end:


Oooh, dark! Also, why more than one heart? Intriguing!



This one is so wise… beautiful!


Check us out later this week for more about the week at WordSparks, including Green Man and Woman masks, self-portraits, and bleach t-shirts.


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