Blackout Poem / The Beauty’s Daughter

In a week or so (July 15-19), I’ll be heading up WordSparks, a creative writing camp, and I’ve picked up a great pile of books for us to use for blackout poems, collage and such. I’ve had a few more people sign up (spaces are still available — you can register here), so I may need to take another trip through the library discards and see what I can come up with.


I think I may have trouble parting with How to Prepare Your Own High-Intensity Resume. It is so high intensity!

Here’s “Some Book of Poems She Had Yet To Complete,” a little blackout poem I wrote from page 3 of a book called The Beauty’s Daughter by Monette Cummings whic I picked up at the library sale for a quarter. While part of me is squeamish about messing with a book (books are sacred!), part of me is wondering if I can fill the whole book with blackouts (bad me!).



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