The Fourth Best Thing Kiera Cass Said @ the Blacksburg Public Library / PART 3

“Who decides to start a career when you have a two month old?”

I loved this because it is so life.

Kiera was talking about how she was had just given birth and gotten her land-legs as a new parent when she started trying to find an agent to represent her for The Selection. In something of a whirlwind, she found several agents who wanted to sell her book and subsequently received bids from a couple of different publishing houses.

Meanwhile, as she set forth on this new career path, she was also doing all the normal diaper-changing/singing-the-baby-back-to-sleep-at-2-in-the-morning things that infants require. And somehow, it worked.

As I repeatedly tell my husband (usually after he asks me “What were we thinking?!”): if we waited until we were ready to have kids, we’d never have them.

Life doesn’t just stop and present you with a flawless bubble in which to birth and rear your children. Case in point: I am literally nursing my son as I write this blog.

(Sorry if that was TMI, but it had to be said.)

So here’s the nutshell: Don’t wait for the perfect hour to start something. The perfect hour doesn’t exist. Just figure out where your priorities are and start acting on them.


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